How Would Build Looks Like?

Ex-Aid is getting pretty near to the end, and Kamen Rider Build rumors and speculations are everywhere!

I guess I should join the bandwagon and try to picture how would KR Build looks like. :D

I started googling about KR Build, and there are few silhouettes.
I try to work on the silhouette first before creating the clean drawing.

From what I've heard, Build has different antenna, probably a screwdriver and a knife?
And I heard he has a detailed human like mouth, which I refuse to believe, -no offense- just personal preference! ^^
Since it's 'Build', I thought maybe the upper head part would looks like a builder's helm.
The eye part might has visor glasses like Tajadoru, which again comes from builder's glasses, haha!

So here it is, the rough sketch!
Kinda reminds me of G3X and Rising IXA.

Clean lines!
Looks pretty neat, I'm happy with how this looks, even though the actual thing wouldn't looks like this.
I added the logo on the forehead part, like Drive, but probably he would has a tiny gem or something like almost every main rider.
I added holes on the side part because I heard Build has connection with lego/blocks, haha!
Throwing off the details on the mouth part because it feels not right.

Now he looks like a bee, haha!
Used the usual black color for the base of the head, red color for the eyes because I love red colored eyes rider, yellow color because Bob the Builder, and the usual cool silver color. ^^
I really love this.

And here's with the visor on!
I don't know, maybe the visor could change color?


And here's the last one, with red and blue color everybody's talking about!
It's really cool!!
Didn't thought it would be this fun to create something from a silhouette.
Can't wait to see the actual looks of KR Build.

Until next time!


  1. Build has a cool, mechanical-looking mouth, there was no nose. Simple attennae, yellow compound eyes, and his colours are red and blue.

    -they said-


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