Review : Grimoire++ Custom By Hafuta12

Hello! It's me again, with another Gunpla review!
This time I'll be reviewing HG 1/144 Grimoire, customized by Hafuta12 into Grimoire++!

Let the review begin!

As always, let me start with the idle standing pose.

Grimoire already looks great for me, what can go wrong with customization?
Hafuta12, the modeller, said he's just adding few modification to the kit and preserving it's original design and appearance.

Here's the comparison of the Grimoire++ and normal Grimoire.

Hafuta12 did customization on the gun, adding a cannon on the left shoulder, and adding customized sword. He also repainted the kit and adding decals. Pretty cool.

The color scheme isn't too different with the original color, which is cool.
I like customized gunpla that looks like an enhanced and more detailed version of the original.

Hafuta12 also added a led inside the head, so the eyes can glow, you can see the led cable going from the head to the backpack, where the battery is stored.
But, he left this part unfinished so bye-bye glowing eyes.
The cable still looks cool though.

Time to do some poses!

I really enjoy looking at the details and the looks of this Grimoire++.
Keep up the good job, Hafuta12 !

Final score from Komik Rider : 4.5/5

Thank you for your attention, see you in the next post!


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