Revoltech Getter Robo Review (Kinda)

Hi! I'm back with another figure review : Revoltech Yamaguchi Getter 1 !

Not too long ago, I suddenly had an urge to get a Getter Robo figure. I don't remember why-- But I ended up with this Revoltech.

What's inside? There are two Getter Tomahawks-- the most awesome weapon ever. Two guns, eight hands, one cape, and stand. That's perfect. Until I found out Revoltech has produced Getter 1 Renewal version with more accessory.

So here's the figure out of the box, standing up. I should try to pose him properly.

...Yep, I think that's better. Really cool, isn't it? That's Getter Robo for you.
Now let's do more pose.

It could recreate poses from the box quite perfectly, though I'm not certain it could be done 100% as the photos on the box, since it seems there are articulation problem, mainly on the head and torso.
But yeah, this is my first time playing with Revoltech, and I really disappointed. The joint works.. weird. Not like most articulated toys like SHFiguarts and Figma, the Revoltech's Revolver joint is annoying and hard to play around with, at least for me.

Some close up shot, the detail on this figure is good, there are almost no bad paintjob here. The thing I notice is the green mouth thingie is not really symmetrical and made it looks not really good.
Also, there are parts that made from hard and shiny plastic, and some of the parts are made using rubbery plastic, like the head and the torso. You could see it from the photo, how the arm parts is shiny, but the torso and the head is not really.

Here are the photos of the back side, and to show how the cape works. It's really a turn off, really. They could make a hole to fit the cape into the back, but no, they didn't bother to create a hole or anything, just hoping the cape will grip firmly on the back-- which most of time did not. The cape is often come off and it's really annoying. It also made scars on the back.. eww.
And yeah, there's a hole on the belt part to stick in the stand.

Here's few comparison with Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1. At first glance, there are not much difference between them, while there are actually many difference. The quality is way better on the SRC, bigger, better, easier to pose. not to mention some parts on SRC are actually metal.
I actually want to play around with the figure, but I really can't stand the weird revolver joint. It's really hard to get the pose I want.

My plan, after I made review of Getter 1, I want to make Black Getter and Shin! Getter 1 review. But I can't stand the revolver joint (I said it again), and they are just like this Getter 1 I'm reviewing. Black Getter looks cooler though.

Okay, so.. Revoltech Yamaguchi Getter 1 isn't that bad.. If you don't mind and are a genius who can master the revolver joint. Otherwise, go for the SRC instead.

Final score : 7/10.

Should you get it? Not really, just go for the SRC.


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