How did I took photos of my figures

It's me again.

This time-- because I haven't draw any comic-- And I'm back into figures lately, I'll post how I take photo of my figures. :D

I don't really have any space to set a mini figure photo studio, so I usually just shoot the photo on my desk, haha.

Here are some of my photoshoot :

I really love this one.

Okay, so, how did I took them?
Using a camera, obviously! These are taken with my phone camera.
Here's my camera setting :

I set the exposure to minus three and the ISO to 100 to make the light captured as low as the camera can take. I also set the white balance into 'Cloudy' to make the photo more orange-ish.

And here's how my desk looks like when I took the photos (Sorry for the mess!) :

As you can see, I use two lights, those are cheap mining headlights I bought from a night market, haha. It's good because it's small, and easily adjusted. I usually played around with their position to get the best result.
People usually used a white paper, or styrofoam to reflect lights, but I didn't do that here since this is my 'Lazy Mode' photography, haha! I'll talk about it later when I'm in the mood to take proper photos.

So yeah, that's it, as simple as that.
That's what I do when I want to take a low light, somewhat dramatic photo.
I always take more than 3 photo on a same pose, to avoid blur, and get the best result.
If you want to ask something, feel free to ask. :D

Until next time!


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