Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.1 : Seregios Review

Hello! It's me again. :D

This time I'll do a review of a figure from Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.1 : Seregios!

Selregios! Seruregiosu! Seregios! Steve! The Pinecone! Whatever you call it! XD
The flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4G. I'm not sure if it's the flagship of 4 Ultimate as well, since people said Gore Magala is. >_<

I like the design of Seregios, it's still feels like monster from classic MH series, unlike monsters from Frontier, which has lost it's monster-hunter-y feels on their design, in my hunter opinion. ^_^a

The figure parts are separated by 5 pieces, the wings, the body, the stand, and the stand connector.

Here's the completed figure, it looks really great.
The details are really well done. I don't know if this was manually sculpted or using 3d print, but it's awesome for a 10 centimeter figure has this kind of details.
I'll post photos of different view below :

The figure is made from some rubbery plastic, with rough texture, because the scales. It's really good, the part are quite flexible and not easily broken.
There might be mispaint here and there, but I could deal with it. The only thing that irks me is the wing part is really hard to attach perfectly, and you could see the seamline because it's not attached properly. Other than that, this figure is really good.

So that's it, nice figure of Seregios.
I can't wait to fight it on MH4U ! XD

Until next time!


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