Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.1 Review


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been released for few days now!
I enjoyed the hell out of that game. I skipped the collectors edition, because I don't really like what's included on the CE.
After few days playing MH4U, suddenly my local game store posted an image of Monster Hunter figures, which turned out as Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol. 1, which is the first time I saw a local store selling MH goods.
Without second thought, I bought it! :D

So here comes my review of it, let's start!

So, Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.1 comes with a quite large box, containing six more box with monsters from Monster Hunter series inside.
This is the first time I bought a Capcom Figure Builder, and the box size exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed.
I got this set for around 55 USD, which is quite affordable for six figures. Now let's open it!

So here are the top side of the six box, the box has same design. It reminds me of HDM line of Kamen Rider candy toys.
Simple, yet still good.

Here are the front view of the boxes.
Seregios and Monoblos. Mmmmm.
Now let's open the boxes...

Aaaaaaaaand the first one I opened is Yian Garuga!
The figure parts are sealed in plastic, just like other toys like HDM, WCF, and many "build-yourself" figures. Also, what it that clear yellow part? I thought it was special effect at first. BUT, it turns out as a bonus part, body of Seregios. Wow, right?
Now let's open ALL OF THE PLASTIC, and build ALL OF THE FIGURES! XD

All of the figures have been built, and I REALLY love it. It's bigger than my expectation, and has great details. There are still minor miss paint job here and there though, which kinda disappointing when I look at the figure closely. But looking from few centimeters away, the figures are really awesome.

So, is it worth it? For Monster Hunter fans, there's no reason not to pick it up.
It's also great for people who loves monsters and dinosaurs.
There are no articulation on this figure, but the fixed pose are well done and look alive.

I guess that's it for this set, I'll do a review of the individual figure later.
See ya guys, thanks for reading! :D


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