Hyper Detail Molding (HDM) ZO Open Mouth (Secret) Review

HDM Kamen Rider ZO Open Mouth (Secret)
From HDM Souzetsu Kamen Rider - Senryoku no Shippu Hen (2009/11/4)

This figure is quite old, and kinda rare to find these days.
Luckily, I got one not too long ago, though it's quite expensive.

The details on this figure is pretty great, there's not much to say since this figure is simply awesome.
The details, proportion, and pose is just awesome.
I don't even like ZO that much, but I love this figure so much.

I dive in HDM toy line not too long ago, since it's cheap, but looks real.
The sculpt is very accurate to the actual costume on the film.

It could stand perfectly without the stand.

Front view

Right view

Back view

Left view

Can you see the awesomeness??

Close up view. 
God, those deadly bright red eyes.

ZO has no belt, but still awesome.
I think it looks like Ultraman chest lamp.
Good thing it's on the belly, not the crotch.

I really love how the suit has 'cracks' like the actual suit on the film. 

Still looks good with the stand.

Awesome details back here.

So that's it. It's a really (I mean, really) good figure.
Awesome details, proportion, and pose. Oh wait, I just repeated what I said on the beginning, haha.
Oops, I forgot to mention the paint.
The paintjob is great, only a little bit of the part is off. But you won't notice if you're not looking closely, so I think it's not a big deal.

Final score from KomikRider : 5/5

You should get this figure, especially if you're collecting HDM line.
There are no reason to not getting this one except, it's quite rare to find now.


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