Hyper Detail Molding (HDM) Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style Review

HDM Kamen Rider Wizard

Hi guys!
Another review from me.
This time, I will do review of HDM Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style.

Front view.
It looks really good, the proportion is perfect, this is what I like from HDM.
Unlike the SHFiguarts that have problems with the proportion, this figure nailed the proportion.

Left view.

Back view.

Right view.

Wizard Driver details. Mmmm.

There are minor bad paintjob at the bracelet part, not a big deal.

Torso details.
Awesome stuff. Beautiful rocks.
It looks as good as the SHFiguarts.
I couls stare at it for hours, haha.

The dragon on the shoulder pad is sculpted nicely.

Ring holder thingy.
I think it's missing some color.

Head details.

The ring details is good, but it's just plain red.
And you can see another bad paintjob on the bracelet.

So that's it.
Another good HDM to add into your collection
If I remember correctly, this one also has a secret version, where his right arms going left instead just going down like this one.
Also, I might not have mentioned it, but this figure can stand perfectly without the transparent ice block cube stand thingy.

Final score from KomikRider : 5/5

You should get this figure, the shiny rocks is worth it.


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